Air Easy AE-F1 風咀式導風擋


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型號 : AE-F1
適合機種 : 中央冷氣
主要物料 : HIPS (主板)+ ABS (配件)
產品尺寸 : 550mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 120mm (H)
專利號碼 : 1502681.2
來源地 : 中國

Air Easy AE-F1 風咀式導風擋





導風易 AE-F1產品特點:
1. 設計獨到 , 調節自如
全方位多角度風向調節,告別直吹煩惱。導風擋主板為HIPS 塑膠物料,體積輕巧,外型美觀。導風擋主板背部配備EVA海綿,不易產生冷凝水。為了針對黑色天花設計 , AE-F1 款還有推出全黑色選擇。產品不會影響搖控訊號操作 。
2. 環保實用 , 有助防霉
3. 安裝簡易 , 無需工具
採用Y 形架設計,安裝無需工具或鑽孔,直接裝於中央冷氣機風咀及風糟上,不會損壞冷氣機身。另特別配備保險線,安裝後雙重保護,安全放心。

Special Y-shape adapter allows up & down 180° deflector manipulation which enables efficient room ventilation and prevents annoying cold air (drafts) blowing from air-con directly onto you. AIR EASY deflector is exquisite, light and durable. The main body is made of HIPS and the back is fixed with an EVA which can protect against condensation.

Eco-friendly concept achieves energy saving.
AIR EASY deflector is developed to deflect the air flow and make the air spread more evenly and effectively throughout the room. Then the overall room temperature can be much better balanced. Hence the efficiency of air-con is increased and energy/money can be saved as a result of less power consumption.

Simple installation requires NO tools / drills which makes no damage to your air conditioner.
AE-F1 is designed with special Y-shape adapter which is easily attached to the fan-coil vents with only few steps, and NO skills or technician is needed. In addition, you are also required to tie up the safety plastic wire around the air-con unit for security purpose. Pls see the installation clip for demonstration details.



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