Delonghi DD50P 50L ARIA Dry Pump 抽濕機


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主要特點 1: 專利強力排水系統
內置腳輪: Yes
原產地: 中國
保養: 1年保養連運輸服務
強制性能源標籤: 3級
空氣淨化: N/A
自動除霜: Yes
每日抽濕量 (能源標籤標準): 30.52升
水滿指示燈: Yes
水箱容量 (公升): 7升
自動濕度調節器: Yes
自動停止功能: Yes
抽濕能力 (公升/日):: 50公升(32度/80%)
時間掣 (小時 hrs): 24小時
強制性能源效益標籤標準 - (26.7°C 60%): 30.52公升(26.7度/60%)
送風角度調校: N/A
過濾網: 可洗式過濾網
衣物除臭: N/A
機身呎吋: 闊 x 高 x 深 (毫米): 體積(高 x 闊 x 深):610x308x380 毫米
濕度感應乾衣技術: Yes
濕度顯示器: Yes
類別: 壓縮式抽濕機
霉菌防護: N/A
控制面板: 電子控制面板
每日抽濕量 (廠方標準): 50升

Delonghi DD50P 50L ARIA Dry Pump 抽濕機





- The patented pump function allows the unit to continuously discharge moisture without having to empty a bucket; the unit can pump water upward to drain out a basement window or into a sink, up to 16’ with the provided hose
- Save on energy bills with the Energy-Star qualification and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant
- Choose the ideal humidity level that best suits your needs by adjusting the humidistat
- Monitor the relative humidity and temperature with the easy to use LCD electronic controls
- Three ways to collect the water; drain continuously through the patented pump system with the16' included hose, passively through the 3’ included hose or directly into the tank with 6 liter capacity
- Easily monitor the water level with the frontally located transparent water tank
- Just set the unit and go with the 24-hr timer
- Move the unit around easily with rolling castors and handles
- Enjoy easy maintenance of the unit by simply rinsing the washable air filter when needed
- Worry-free operation with the anti-frost device, low-temperature operation down to 41°F, and tank control system with alarm
- Adjust the fan to your liking by choosing from 2 settings"



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